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Techomotion Controls International, inc. History



In May 2000, Technomotion Controls Supplies was founded as a sole proprietorship, supplying parts and tools for semiconductor and electronics companies. Knowing that this manufacturing sector depends highly on suppliers who can efficiently source and deliver quality spare parts and other materials on time, TCS rallied around product quality and quickness of response to create its competitive advantage. "We defy time and distance to meet the urgent needs of our clients," became its battle cry.


Cetek LogoSoon enough, it closed a contract with Cutting Edge Semitech Company Ltd. (CETEK), a Korean manufacturer, to become the sole agent of Wirebonder and DiebonderParts in the Philippines.


Building on its initial achievements, the company was incorporated In June 2001 under the name Technomotion Controls International, Inc. The new name defined a more expansive thrust. It set up on technical support for Wire Bonders and Die Bonders culminated the year with a record growth of 200 percent. To sustain its momentum, the company launched a diversification plan to meet the needs of its growing clientele..


In 2002, it harnessed resources to serve the rapid increase of tool mold and die demand, particularly in transfer mold, trim and form tooling and test jigs and fixtures. It established a modern production facility with advance equipment and instrumentation, enabling the Company to support the documentation, rework, design and revision of tools. It also acquired a new capability to rehabilitate, modify and upgrade internal controls. Its Consultative Team has and continues to work closely with clients on innovative and cost effective product designs, as well as manufacturing methodology.


Today, Technomotion Controls International, Inc., is stronger and more equipped to respond to varied and highly specialized client requirements. Its ability to serve has increased tremendously from the time it began. It now offers a broader range of products and services, with a continuing commitment to quality and urgency. It takes pride in its technical expertise, collaborating with clients on specific designs and process requirements. It also helps customers identify and anticipate long-term concerns, ensuring that future support processes and systems would be in place when needed.


Because the Company owes its success to its customers, it does not rest from finding new ways to satisfy them.

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